What we do

Effective hands-on solutions to your small business challenges

Decades of practical business experience allow us to provide expertise across a range of business areas – and allows you to focus on what you do best. We analyse your requirements and advise you on options, then support you with the right kind of service delivery to meet your needs.

Financial clarity

Helping you assess business performance and plan for the future with confidence

Sometimes in business, it’s hard to see the wood for the trees. We put all key information at your fingertips, so you’re always able to effectively evaluate the best course of action at any given time.

  • Analysis of margins, customer profitability and where you do and don’t make money
  • Review and set-up of new and more informative management reports
  • Budget and cash flow forecasting, for better planning
  • Job costing and project reporting that reveals profitability or otherwise
  • Support to set-up and implement changes that ensure effective ongoing reporting.
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Strategic guidance

Creating a deep understanding of where you are, where you want to be and how to get there

Any business should know what it’s trying to achieve and the key strategies and actions it needs to focus on. Through a consultative and challenging process, we facilitate

  • Planning sessions that provide insight into your goals for the business
  • Open questions that gets to the heart of where your business is at, – its risks, challenges and opportunities
  • A process that brings all managers or owners, along the journey, so that everyone’s involved and committed to agreed vision and strategies
  • A summary business plan to support focus on key strategies, track progress, hold accountabilities and lay a pathway to implementation
  • A sense of clarity and purpose that injects real energy back into your business
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Operational support

Delivering hands-on support, accountability and execution

There are many ways to create a plan or analyse a business. But, it’s all wasted if the implementation and operational support isn’t there. We deliver:

  • Senior management expertise that facilitates meetings, constructively follows up on actions and ensures that the momentum is maintained
  • Qualified and practical guidance for team members running key aspects of the business, but lacking experience or expertise
  • Assistance or leadership in setting up any system or operational changes required
  • Staff KPI setting to help monitor and track internal performance
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Running a business is challenging

We can help. Call us and enjoy value from the word ‘go’

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